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What three things make a memorable Napa Valley winery experience?

We believe a great tour guide is the “make-or-break” factor between just liking and actually LOVING a winery. Your tour guide should be smart, but for you to love your experience, the knowledge should be wrapped in a fun personality and great sense of humor. Yes, we know about wine, but we don’t take it so seriously. We like to laugh, joke, and have some fun; therefore you’ll learn more and remember it.


The wine tour guide, friendly and informative
  • Reverie rooster
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  • Reverie wine tour
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  • Reverie guests on a tour
  • Reverie guests on a tour

We try to be humble, but confidently say, “lf you have time for one winery, come to Reverie!” Why? Great wine, beautiful setting and a tour guide who makes it fun. No tasting counters—you’ll walk to the grape vines, fermenting tanks, and wine barrels, then, across the creek and into a perfect circle of Redwood trees. No big crowds— only natural grandeur, a small estate winery, and a fun wine tour.


The Wine Tour
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Owner and winemaker, Norman Kiken, produces small amounts of elegant Bordeaux-styled wines known for bold mountain flavors and a smooth, long-lasting finish (fragrant with raspberries, dark cherries, spices, coffee, chocolate & violets). With nine different varietals, showcased and bottled individually, and our estate red blend, the A.S. Kiken, our total production is limited to 3000 cases.


Reverie’s 2009 Cabernet Franc

“Top 100 Wines of the Year”

-Wine and Spirits 2012

Outstanding Estate Varietals
  • Reverie ASKiken wine bottle
  • Reverie wine bottle
  • Reverie Petit Verdot
  • Reverie Cabernet Franc
  • Reverie bottle of Roussanne
  • Reverie Tempranillo and Barbera bottles
  • Reverie Merlot
  • Reverie creek
  • Reverie wine bottles