The Tour Guide

To LOVE your vineyard experience, we think it’s crucial to have a great tour guide….someone who is “wine-smart,” but who knows it’s NOT JUST ABOUT THE WINE — IT’S ABOUT THE EXPERIENCE. You want your tour guide to have a fun personality…who isn’t afraid to let it show, and at Reverie, we’ve got that covered.

Norman Kiken
Norman Kiken,
Owner and Winemaker
Andrew Kiken
Andrew Kiken,
Director of Hospitality

Guillermo Hernandez
Guillermo Hernandez,
Lori Lane
Lori Lane,

Guillermo Hernandez
Sara Livermore,

Andy, Guillermo, Lori and Sara give most of the wine tours at Reverie, although on weekends, we bring in a few more troops. Occasionally, Norman will do a tour, and if he and Suzie are at the vineyard, you might see both of them. If you are purchasing multiple cases from Reverie and request the winemaker to do your tour, you stand a good chance of getting Norm for your tour guide. We never promise, but most likely, if you request in advance, we can make it happen.

Sometimes, people mistakenly think everyone has to be serious in the wine business—at Reverie, we have found just the opposite to be true. Yes, you’ll want to know we “know our stuff,” but once that’s established and everyone has relaxed, the conversation can take some random twists and turns. All of a sudden, you’ll realize that nobody is even talking about wine anymore, but, everyone is having a great time. We want you to love your Reverie vineyard experience. That’s why we say, since it’s not “just about the wine,” you need to start with an awesome tour guide.



Wednesday - Saturday

RESERVATIONS: 10 am - 4:00 pm

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