The Reverie Experience

Are you planning a trip to Napa and want more than just great wine?

Almost everyone knows that Napa Valley is one of the premier destinations for a wonderful vacation—amazing wine, great restaurants, and beautiful scenery. There are hundreds of wineries in this little valley, and it could be overwhelming trying to plan an itinerary. You might be tempted to visit only the tasting rooms or large production wineries rather than drive a little ways for a more intimate experience.

How do you know where to go?

Your hotel concierge, limousine service, or a friend’s referral could be valuable resources for you. But, it is extremely important to have a basic idea of what you are searching for, in advance, before you start planning a schedule, because, after all…it’s not just about the wines, it’s about the entire experience!

So, what exactly do you want?

At Reverie, we say…YOU WANT IT ALL! In fact, since so many of our guests rave about their experiences at Reverie, we believe that you, too, will find it all when you have THE REVERIE EXPERIENCE!

What’s so special about Reverie?

If you want to LOVE, not just like, your winery experience, you need the 3 most important things that Reverie has: a small staff of friendly, outgoing, wine-savvy tour guides, an unforgettable vineyard wine tour with magnificent scenery and natural grandeur, and, of course, you want great wine. Reverie is a small, family-owned winery producing and bottling limited amounts of unique varietals from our own Diamond Mountain estate.

How can you have The Reverie Experience?

When you come to Napa Valley and want an unforgettable vineyard experience, be a part of the select few who veer off the “beaten path” to find the little, hidden gem on Diamond Mountain. Turn off of Highway 29 and wander up the beautiful, tree-lined road in search of Reverie – a “dream” on Diamond Mountain. You can make your plans now by calling for reservations or filling out the online reservation form. Remember, IT’S NOT JUST ABOUT THE WINE—IT’S ABOUT THE ENTIRE EXPERIENCE!



Wednesday - Saturday

RESERVATIONS: 10 am - 4:00 pm

redwoods at Reverie
lilacs by the office wine barrels creek bridge