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May through November 15 - 7 DAYS A WEEK!


RESERVATIONS TAKEN: 10 am - 4:00 pm

SAME DAY RESERVATIONS: May NOT be made online. Please speak to a Reverie Representative 707-942-6800 for confirmation.

TYPE OF TOUR & WINE TASTING: Outdoors, walk-around style, lasting about one hour, AMAZING!

WHY IS REVERIE OPEN ONLY PART OF THE YEAR? We are a small, estate winery - family owned and operated. We have an amazing “outdoor wine tour” that most people say is the best they have ever had. Since we want to give our guests this amazing tour when the weather is typically sunny and gorgeous, we open 7 days a week during the summer and fall season. We have a limited schedule during the winter and spring. Please see the calendar for availability.

Winter and spring: Our traditional “walk-around” style of tour and tasting will be slightly adjusted according to the weather on any particular day. Since it could be cold and rainy, please bring your umbrella. Your Reverie adventure will last approximately one hour.

Summer and fall: It is typically beautiful and warm every day and the optimal time to visit Reverie. We might have a rare day with a drop or two of rain, so if the weather looks cool or cloudy, you might want to bring a jacket or umbrella. Please keep in mind, rain or shine, our tours are a “walk-around” style of tour and wine tasting – lasting about an hour.



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PLEASE NOTE: For a Same Day Reservation, do not make it online - please speak to a Reverie representative for your confirmation 707-942-6800.

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